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Technical Recruiter at Meettal

Meettal is a team of topnotch recruiters with a brand new approach for building tech teams. Along with recruiting, we create long-term relationships with candidates based on trust, fun and tech-love.

Currently we are working on tech recruitment with companies in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Armenia.

The company is looking for a people person who loves technology and challenges. Previous experience is not required, the most important thing is the readiness to learn. All final stage candidates will be engaged in a one-month free technical recruitment course.

  • Sourcing, evaluating and communicating with the candidates
  • Cooperating with the team
  • Initiating and implementing any kind of projects, events or products within the company
Qualifications & Competencies
  • Ability and readiness to learn a huge cistern of new technical terms and concepts, programming buzzwords and vocabulary
  • A good command of English
Perks and benefits
  • Flexible working hours
  • Team retreat for a few days outside of the city every 3 months
  • Covering of any courses related to your work

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